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"If it doesn't make ¢ense, it doesn't make dollar$" is David Gerts' philosophy when guiding his real estate clients and investors to achieve successful deals. Driven by a passion for people and a talent for numbers, David found his calling in real estate first as a commercial mortgage advisor, and currently as a sales specialist focused on residential, commercial and investment deals. His well-rounded knowledge of the entire financing and purchase/sale process is complemented by his personal experience owning several homes in NYC over the years.

David's financial savvy, analytical mind and problem solving skills also inspired his past career in the information technology industry. After studying Computer Information Systems and Finance at Baruch College, he worked with computers in the corporate world before later founding and running his own IT company. His seasoned skills and creative, calculated approach make him a valuable asset to sellers seeking a skilled advocate and ambassador for their unique real estate needs.

Hailing from Brooklyn, David has lived in New York City his entire life. When not showing properties and making deals, he enjoys spending time with his wife, an interior designer, and their young daughter. David is also actively involved in his community, and extremely into all things related to green living and sustainability.

David Gerts has distinguished himself as a leader in new and innovative marketing when selling real estate. He specializes in “zmot” (pronounced “zee-mot”) marketing. Zmot stands for “zero moment of truth”. It’s the decision-making moment that affects the success or failure of nearly every brand in the world. A moment of truth is: “a time when a person or thing is tested, a decision has to be made, or a crisis has to be faced.” The zero moment of truth is that critical moment when an impression is made and the consumer has moved towards a decision to either proceed or withdraw from a product or service. Winning the zmot, helps David achieve higher sold prices for the homes he represents.

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