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Expired Listings
Homes That Didn't Sell The First Time
It takes a special set of skills and knowledge to recover from a poor entry to the market. Buyers are aware of listings that linger too long or have been re-listed too many times. The property often gets a reputation as "something's probably wrong with it" or even worse "the agent is horrible" and is bypassed by ready and willing buyers who are actively looking in that area. It then becomes the target of scalpers who will lowball offers in hopes of a quick flip.
With surgical precision, the right specialist can overcome this stigma and still get you top market dollar for the home. Let me show you how.
Areas of Service
  1. Manhattan below Washington Heights

  2. All of Brooklyn

  3. Parts of Staten Island -- St. George, Stapleton, Tompkinsville, Rosebank


Type of Clients
Homes in Poor Condition or Suffering From Damage and Violations
Most often homes that have extremely poor curb appeal or suffer from very poor condition or unsightly damages and multiple violations get sold way too far under market value. It goes without saying, if the home is in bad condition, chances are you will need to sell it to an investor who will make a profit from the transaction. The key here is not to "give away the farm". Both the home owner and the investor need to come out as winners.
A specialist who is well educated in what the going rate is for repairs and construction costs and what a fair return on investments in your particular market really is, can negotiate a fair and profitable deal for everyone. Let me show you how.
  • Individual Property Sellers

  • Institutional REO and Bulk Sellers

  • Accredited Investors

  • Home Builders and Rehabbers

  • Management Companies

  • Exclusive Buyers Under a Buyer's Broker Agreement

  • Out-Of-State and Absentee Landlords.

Unique or luxury properties
Often Real Estate Professionals use a comparable sales approach to determine the value of a home. What if there are no comparables or the upgrades are so unique and customized there's nothing else out there that compares? Don't let someone guestimate it. And don't get labeled as an "unrealistic" seller.
A specialist that has in depth knowledge of the valuation process used by appraisers and financial analysts will give you a "true market value" based on facts and figures. Let me show you how.
Wonderful Homes in Wonderful Area
Every Real Estate professional out there loves to work with a wonderful home that's in a wonderful neighborhood. But can they get you "above asking price" in a reasonable time frame? I'm not talking about an asking price that's below market value. Any Dodo bird can do that. I'm talking about breaking barriers and setting new records.
A marketing specialist knows how to enhance the perceived value of a commodity and generate demand while creating a sense of urgency. There's no magic, just skill and experience. Let me show you how.
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